Friday, August 28, 2009

Wollersheim Winery Tour Pictures

All the wine-speak in my previous post made me want to post some pictures from my recent tour at Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin. If you haven't tried their wines, you must! They are affordable and delicious (I recommend the prairie fume) and I have an unusual amount of pride in any great product that comes from Wisconsin, especially if it is beer, wine, dairy products of all sorts, bratwurst, cranberries, honey, or any other agricultural product that we just rock at producing. Mmmm food. So, as I sip on some tasty wine, let me show you some pictures from our tour!

Barrels of tasty wine in the wine cellar.

Here I am participating in the wine tasting. The tour claims you only get three samples...I got UNLIMITED samples. Yum!

The beautiful grounds at the winery. This is the building that the aging cellars (pictured above) are in. Absolutely beautiful...

I didn't even know places this beautiful existed in Wisconsin. What's a winery without grapes? Wollersheim only grows about 10% of the grapes required for their wine making on-site. Hardly looks like Wisconsin, at all...I felt like I was in Italy or California!

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