Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aboriginal Music

This semester, I am taking a course on World Music. I was supposed to pick a topic weeks ago about which I have to write a lengthy paper. The instructor spent some time in class last week asking me and my fellow students what our topics where. I had not thought at all about this paper and had done absolutely no research. Put on the spot in class, I was unwilling to seem like I hadn't pondered what to write about. Consequently, I blurted out "Australia!" (the first country I could think of on the spot). My professor's only reply was a disappointed "Australia's a big country, better do some" I spent much energy researching this evening, as the library's computer server was down, which made me wish there were still good old card catalogs...not that anybody much younger than me would even know how to use the things... and determined that I would write about the clan songs of the aboriginal cultures of Northern Australia. Wish me luck!

Any body remember these things? I do, which dates me a little :)

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  1. Good luck on your researching endeavor. I too am falling behind in my research for the semester. I know that you'll do fine.